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New low cost Real-time Data Collection Terminals boost Lean Manufacturing Holy Grail

OEE IMPACT Software has been acclaimed by users and the press as one of the most advanced and low cost lean manufacturing reporting tools available to date. Now Gemba Solutions has launched the next step in the continuous evolution of OEE IMPACT with a range of low cost data collection terminals (DCT’s) and OEE IMPACT Plant Connect module.



Many users continue to use OEE IMPACT successfully, using a manual entry paper-based system, but some customers need real-time information to include in their production reports. With OEE IMPACT’s new DCT’s and the OEE IMPACT Connect module, users get a very scalable and affordable real-time shop floor data collection system that ensures they never miss a downtime incident or a product count!

The OEE IMPACT DCT’s are supplied pre-programmed and ready to go straight out of the box. They can communicate over RS485, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications, providing users with the ultimate flexibility for a low cost installation.

With a starting price of only £160 for a DCT to monitor a machine or line, the analysis of manufacturing information has never been more affordable or cost effective ensuring a quick return on investment.

All the hard work of producing reports is easy with OEE IMPACT’s 200, totally configurable manufacturing reports and its “click and shoot” report generator.
So if you need to get precise operational data and report: OEE, machine downtimes, setup times, quality and product, line, shift and operator performance plus much more, OEE IMPACT with OEE IMPACT Connect and the new low cost OEE IMPACT Data Collection Terminals will suite your needs and your pocket.



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