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Consultants Driving Lean Manufacturing with OEE Software

Gemba Solutions OEE software provides an invaluable tool for consultants involved in Lean Manufacturing. OEE IMPACT provides a set of tools aimed at monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness “OEE” , OEE IMPACT goes much further than OEE providing information on the


Seven Big Losers identified by lean manufacturing.  


Identify idle time as part of the OEE calculation. logged and displayed in a unique production effectiveness display showing all the components of loss as a Gantt chart 


Scrap and rework.  OEE IMPACT logs more than first time right. You can also create scrap and rework identities and determine the causes of defective production. 


Over production. As part of the Overall Equipment  Effectiveness calculation used for Lean Manufacturing the product and production runs are recorded, allowing unique standards to be used against individual products. Reports are available on production quantities and times 


Untapped Human Potential. For each production run you can record the operators responsible for the product allowing training and human performance levels to be improved. 


Lost production time. OEE software is an effective tool for identifying planned and unplanned downtime. This can be reported on and distributed throughout the organisation in many ways. This effective distribution of information improves communications between the shop floor and the management. 


OEE IMPACT provides the expansion you need to control and identify: 


Tracking of products in the work place, over transportation

Tracking and control of materials and WIP stock

Monitoring the movement of people and product to ensure effective operations 


OEE IMPACT provides a unique software solution for companies who need to start collecting and improving production process. Initially through paper based manual entry and then moving on to real time plant connected solutions delivering Lean Manufacturing Results. 


Gemba Solutions provide a consultants pack enabling you to use OEE IMPACT as a value added tool to work together with your customers to drive lean manufacturing. The consultants pack provides a free demonstration system to the consultancy to enable you to demonstrate to your customers the benefits of monitoring and controlling improvements.


OEE IMPACT is sold world wide and we need proactive consultancies who can support us in delivering valuable services to our customer enquiries.  





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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT



"More resources for Manufacturing Efficiency"

"How does OEE fit into a Manufacturing Execution System Framework"


"OEE IMPACT includes over 200 reports, providing the tools for a process of Manufacturing Improvement"


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