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OEM companies turn to OEE to meet their clients’ test criteria

Without a doubt, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) who are supplying discreet production manufacturing equipment as well as complete production lines are being put under pressure to prove that their equipment will meet the tough operational requirement for availability, performance and quality when clients undertake Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is rapidly becoming the benchmark performance measurement to use as it targets key performance indicators that meet most end users’ needs. However, most control systems from simple CNC’s to full production line systems are more attuned to control than to reporting performance OEE measurements. This means that, in most cases they require a monumental amount of software development by the OEM.

This is where products such as Gemba Solutions OEE IMPACT software is filling the gap, allowing OEM companies to purchase an off-the-shelf program that is low cost and exceptionally simple to implement. Options include using either a simple manual entry system or electronically interfacing directly with the machine or line/s to automatically collect production data during the tests.
With over 200 reports as standard and a fully customisable reporting tool that requires no software programming experience, an OEM can provide quick, professional and easy to understand reports to their clients.

In addition OEE IMPACT can save all the FAT data, allowing the OEM to provide printed reports to the client during the FAT along with the flexibility to recall standard reports for every test situation and reactive reporting. Additionally the FAT raw data and the FAT reports can be stored to the OEE IMPACT SQL database or exported to virtually any format for archive purposes if required.

Some OEM clients have been so impressed with OEE IMPACT during the FAT, that they have requested the OEE IMPACT software is shipped with the equipment so they can continue to use it when they are in full production – a unique value added resell for the OEM!

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