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OEE Calculation

Is your equipment running round the clock due to unidentified losses?

  • Reduced machine speeds

  • Shift changeovers

  • Overrunning setup times

  • Wastage and poor quality

  • Products not matched to lines

  • Poor planning

  • Do you know exactly what the stoppages are and for how long?

Do you know your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)?


OEE Calculation


The Components of the OEE Calculation


Availability is the parameter that takes into account downtime. When a machine is not running due to a fault you are losing planned production time :


    Availability = Operating Time / Planned Production Time



Many companies use a variation here based on a Nett/Cycle calculation:


    Performance = (Ideal Cycle Time * Pieces Produced) / Operating Time


Ideal Cycle Time is the maximum speed the machine can run expressed as a unit cycle time. It is sometimes called Name Plate Cycle Time.


Performance is capped at 100%, This will ensure if a cycle time is specified too low the performance figure will not distort the calculation.



Quality takes into account wastage due to poor Quality.


    Quality = Good Pieces / Pieces Produced


Many companies use the quality component to recharge suppliers if externally sourced components are faulty.


OEE IMPACT and the OEE Calculation

OEE IMPACT can derive OEE from both manually entered data and data gathered automatically from the plant. By multiplying the three components of OEE together a hard and realistic KPI benchmark can be determined against which future performance can be measured. 


The worldwide average for Overall Equipment Effectiveness in manufacturing plants is between 45 and 60 percent. To achieve 'world class' manufacturing status a level of 85% or better should be targeted. OEE IMPACT Software for downtime and efficiency provides the tools which will help you to achieve this.


Every plant and manufacturing process is different. If you operate a policy of Six-Sigma then quality levels of 96.5 % would be unacceptable - 99.99% would be a better target to achieve.



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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT


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OEE Calculation for downtime


OEE Calculation for Managers


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OEE Calculation used for manufacturing efficiency gains 










































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