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Can you excel at OEE ?

Can EXCEL deliver OEE ? or do you need to make a greater OEE IMPACT ?

When implementing an OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness campaign why not use Excel ? Its simple to enter data and generate graphical reports. Isnít it ?. OEE is effectively a simple and Powerful manufacturing efficiency calculation that takes into account your capacity, performance and quality. 


OEE = performance * availability * quality simple.  Giving you a single figure as a plant KPI.


We see many companies that take this approach and quickly realise the benefits of OEE and justify its use as a performance measure, but then find getting the information from Excel and managing the system becomes time consuming and difficult. 


Are you spending hours entering information into Excel for OEE ?


For example, you have 50 machines and want to keep at least 12 months of information available including: 


  • Individual fault reasons

  • Multiple reject counts and reasons

  • Store information against shifts

  • Log figures for product performance


You soon start to build up a very large spreadsheet.  


  • Then you need to create reports that can be flexible

  • Query over periods, shifts and products

  • Machines queries

  • Report types;  OEE, Downtime planned and unplanned, wastage, production figures etc

  • Display types   Trend charts, Bar graphs, Grid Display, Production summaries.


You see the picture, you now have a very complex spreadsheet that is becoming a nightmare to look after. The management of an excel spread sheet system can take 1-2 days a week, can you afford to be this inefficient ? 


Gemba Solutions have a powerful effective solutions OEE IMPACT.  You can start of with manual entry solution and move onto real-time plant connected systems.


OEE IMPACT provides over 200 different manufacturing efficiency reports some of which are based on OEE.  The information you collect for OEE allows a host of other performance measures to be generated and acted on: 


  • Setup time campaigns

  • Reject reason identification (More than just first time right)

  • Group Stoppages into categories  (Setup, maintenance, production, material failure etc)

  • Mean time between Failures

  • Compare shift performance

  • Compare product performance

  • Ö.

OEE IMPACT is priced to make your decision simple. Itís flexible, expandable, maintained and will not break the budget. When you are sitting in front of your PC getting frustrated remember there is a solution allowing you to excel.


Excel is a trade mark of Microsoft Corp


OEE IMPACT www.oeeimpact.com




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Your Next Step

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