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Now any ERP system can aid your lean manufacturing program and report Overall Equipment Effectiveness  ( OEE )  

Did you know that your ERP system probably has a wealth of manufacturing productivity data locked away that you could be using every day to drive your lean manufacturing program?  Now this valuable data can be released with the launch of OEEIMPACT Connect TPI software, from Gemba Solutions. 


OEE IMPACT software has already established itself as the market leading lean manufacturing reporting tool targeted at OEE.  With the addition of the OEEIMPACT Connect TPI module, valuable data from your ERP system can be imported easily. 


This allows you to really get to grips with and comprehensively report your shop floor OEE, machine downtimes, setup times, product, shift and operator performance and much more using OEE IMPACTís industry-acclaimed reporting tool.



With OEE IMPACT, there is no need to understand programming, design complex database queries or use complex reporting add-on software packages.  With the user-friendly data picker, click and shoot to get the report you want in seconds.


With over 200 standard reports as standard and a completely customisable report generator, it will have the report you are looking for in an instant.  Fully net-workable, you can share data with your colleagues over you LAN, WAN or intranet, allowing you to quickly identify productivity trouble spots, ensuring you can plan your shop floor productivity more efficiently and make your lean manufacturing improvement program really work.


Gemba Solutions offer a full trial OEEIMPACT product for you to try before you buy which can be downloaded from our website www.oeeimpact.com or supplied on CD by post.  


Use OEE IMPACT to unleash the potential of your ERP system today.


OEE IMPACT  OEE Software www.oeeimpact.com



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